Buy Ants - Buy Live Ants For Ant Farms

Buy Ants - min. 25 live ants for only £10.50 including FREE P&P to UK and EUROPE

What they say: "Buy Live Ants specially bred for ant farms - these ants just love to dig!" - we agree!

The best live ants from the cheapest place we've found to buy ants online is at who are the UK's most popular supplier.

They sell live ants from £10.50 for about 25 including free postage and packing but the real savings come in orders of 100 for just £23.16 with FREE postage to the UK and Europe.

They recommended 75 ants for medium sized Antfarms (we have an Antworks) so we bit the bullet and punted for the bigger set which turned out to be a worthy investment:

 "Specially trained ants" they say! We were dubious but our little critters just love to dig!